Welcome To bitsCrunch

Unleash NFTs is the ultimate NFT analytics and forensics platform that provides rich NFT data visualisation enabling users to

  • Make key decisions like buy, sell or to hold an NFT
  • Understand the NFT market cap, collection performance etc
  • Differentiate between the true volume and the fake wash trade volume
  • Find fair price and the originality for NFT

We also provide API’s to consume all these features and more allowing the NFT projects to focus of application development and not worry about the NFT data. We are a team of data scientist and techies backed by Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures, Polygon Studios, Crypto.com and more.

Our Motivation

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has evolved many-fold since the famous bitcoin paper published back in 2008. That paper only talked about the peer-to-peer electronic cash system but it set the stage for many more innovations to follow. Ethereum’s launch in 2013 brought more to blockchain than just crypto currencies, over the course of a few years it set the stage for decentralized finance, decentralized exchanges, paved way for smart contracts technology etc.

Today we have 1000s of crypto coins, 100s of blockchain platforms, millions of smart contracts, millions of successful transactions, millions of NFTs, Decentralization of financing, Decentralized exchanges and many more. All this and more to come, thanks to the strong communities behind the blockchain ecosystem.

With this accelerated growth also has meant that we have scammers and looters that want to rig the system to favor them and extract value out of innocent people. These bad actors leverage their knowledge on the blockchain technology to maliciously increase trading volume or price of an NFT, token or a crypto currency and lure the consumers to fomo in to eventually scam them.

While all these malicious practices are public records in blockchain, it is very hard for users to gain clear insights and identify all the patterns. bitsCrunch’s goal is to analyze all NFT transactions, use AI/ML to automatically detect malicious practices and make it accessible to users. Our initial focus is on the NFT’s but we will eventually increase our scope to tokens and crypto currencies.

Our Vision is to be the NFT ecosystem guardians and make it a safe place for NFT collectors and creators

Our Mission is to become trusted partners to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help protect NFT ecosystem

Unleash NFTs is the platform and the gateway through which all our products and services offerings are consumed. some of our current offerings include

  • Services around transaction forgery (eg: wash trade) detection and prevention
  • Services to get an estimated price for an NFT
  • Set of services around image forgery and copycat detection
  • NFT index that helps users to gauge the state of the NFT market
  • Collection level and wallet level scores based on their on-chain activities

Apart from these we are also continuously building services that are focused on enabling and protecting the NFT ecosystem.